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Mobile First and Responsive Web Design The Future of the Right‑Thinking Internet

In which we point out and encourage you to ride the wave of the future.

The way people access the internet is undergoing a sea change. People are buying smartphones and tablets at a much higher rate than they do PCs, and by 2015, more internet users in the US will access the internet through mobile devices than through PCs. As web developers then, it is clear that we must likewise change the way we approach web design.

If you work in or around web development, you’ve probably heard the terms mobile first and responsive web design being thrown around with abandon in the last few months. These concepts are what I’m writing about today, as the first in a series of posts about 55 Minutes' approach to web and application design.

For those that don’t work in the field, here’s a quick recap:

Here at 55 Minutes, we believe mobile first and responsive web design are the future of the web.

Now, these are early days; while mobile first and responsive web design have gained a great deal of mind-share among the web development community, there are still relatively few sites available that actually implement these practices. Over the next few posts, I’ll be discussing how we’ve incorporated mobile first and responsive web design into our own projects, and things we’ve learned along the way.

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