55 Minutes

Welcome to the 55 Minutes blog.
55 Minutes is a web development consultancy in San Francisco building apps for design-led businesses and startups. On this blog we discuss the technology tools of our trade: Ruby on Rails, Django, Sass, OS X, and more.

A Note to Our RSS Subscribers

If you subscribe to the 55 Minutes Blog in an RSS reader, please be aware that we’re currently having some technical issues with our RSS feed. Our blog host, Tumblr, is escaping HTML content incorrectly when publishing RSS.

To make a long story short: where there should be HTML code examples in our recent posts, RSS readers will show just blank space. In some cases entire chunks of our blog posts, or even the entire feed, might give your RSS reader trouble.

We’ve asked Tumblr to look into the problem. In the meantime, you may need to visit our blog in a web browser to view the intended, unabridged content of our posts. Our apologies.

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