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Announcing fiftyfive‑wicket 4.0.2

For those of you following our fiftyfive‑wicket open source project, please note that we’ve just released a minor update: 4.0.2. This version updates Wicket and several other third-party dependencies. It is available today from our Maven repository.

fiftyfive‑wicket helps intermediate to advanced users of the Apache Wicket Java web framework save time by integrating Compass, Apache Shiro security, jQuery, and unit testing tools; it also bundles several shortcuts and reusable components. Learn more about and contribute to this open source project on GitHub.

What’s changed in 4.0.2

What about Wicket 6?

Wicket has recently jumped from 1.5.x to 6.x, a transition that makes some significant API changes to the framework. As of version 4.0.2, fiftyfive‑wicket works only with the older 1.5.x series. However, Wicket 6 support is in the works. If you are interested in working on the bleeding-edge, check out the fiftyfive‑wicket wicket6 branch on GitHub. Pull requests are welcome!

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