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55 Minutes is a web development consultancy in San Francisco building apps for design-led businesses and startups. On this blog we discuss the technology tools of our trade: Ruby on Rails, Django, Sass, OS X, and more.

Introducing Monkey Box Client Product Launch

Today, we are excited to announce a new product that we’ve been working on with one of our important clients. It’s a handy SaaS application called “Monkey Box.”

Monkey Box allows teams to securely store, organize, and selectively share secret information. It’s a SaaS product aimed at service providers, IT managers, and small business owners who need to properly document their IT-related assets, passwords, files, and notes.

Built for developers, too

So how does it work? Well, if you’re a developer like us, you’ve probably run into problems like these:

We built Monkey Box to handle these scenarios, plus a lot more.

Our experience

Monkey Box has been a fun and challenging project for our team, especially considering the strict security goals we have for the product. We used some neat Ruby meta-programming to ensure that all important data is encrypted when it needs to be, and backed that up with an incredibly thorough test suite using RSpec and capybara.

It goes without saying that Monkey Box is built with Rails (3.2), and we’re seeing some impressive front-end performance thanks to the turbolinks gem. Many of the Rails-related posts on the 55 Minutes blog recently (and to come) are the result of lessons learned and best practices used on this project.

Get your hands on it

Monkey Box will be launching on October 31st at Web Summit in Dublin. We can’t wait as there are still many great features to come. Take it for a spin!

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